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Improve dental position through slight movements that allow better aesthetics and dental hygiene.

The Best Orthodontics in Guatemala

Orthodontics is performed by dentists who have specialized two and a half (2.5) years in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics, that is, they are specialist dentists.

That is why we say that it is a special dentistry or specialized in correcting crooked bites and teeth or those that are in a bad position.

It is important that you are cared for only by orthodontists certified by a prestigious university. You can find this out by asking your dentist to show you his specialist title in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics, or by accessing this electronic link:

Why is it bad to have crooked teeth?

For a moment, imagine the precise mechanism of a key and a lock, if the teeth of the key do not match perfectly with those of the lock, the door simply does not open. In fact, you can damage and break the lock, the key or worse, both!

Well, just like that example, they must close or occlude your teeth in the same way, in other words, it must be a perfect fit system. If not, you have a malocclusion or "crooked teeth."

Having a malocclusion not only affects how you look, and even if you don't notice it, it can also make it difficult for you to speak, swallow, bite, and can cause premature wear on your teeth.

Added to that, having crooked teeth makes oral and dental hygiene difficult, which can cause severe damage to your gums, and cause bad breath.


Orthodontic Treatment in Guatemala


Orthodontic Treatment in Guatemala


Orthodontic Treatment in Guatemala


Orthodontic Treatment in Guatemala

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