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Invisible Restorations

Aesthetic restorations that allow caries to be eliminated and to fill defects created by it.

Removal of unsightly silver fillings by aesthetic materials.


It is important that you as a patient understand several terms. For example, there is always a doubt if the correct name is caries or caries? Many patients have asked us that question. Dental caries is a disease that is transmitted from human to human (infectious-contagious) like the flu or chickenpox. The correct name for the disease is dental caries just like hepatitis is. In other words, having dental caries does not mean having 2 or more affected teeth. To describe the holes in the teeth caused by dental caries, we refer to them as dental caries lesions. In this way, if you have "one or more chopped teeth" you suffer from the disease called dental caries and you have one or more teeth affected by dental caries lesions.

These dental caries lesions are restored or healed with restorations wrongly called "fillings". Today dentists use two materials, one based on a mixture of mercury and silver (silver amalgam) and another based on polymers (composite resin). The advantage of silver amalgam is its duration and ease of realization, but its great disadvantage is the final color of the restoration. Composite resins have the great advantage of being aesthetic but their realization and technique is more difficult.

For this reason, the recommendation is that these aesthetic restorations be carried out by people trained and specialized in Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Aesthetics.

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