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Frequent Asked Questions

About Your Teeth

We want you to understand why you have a malocclusion or a bad bite with your teeth, for that we must start with something simple: What does a tooth look like? and how does it develop? Teeth are firmly attached, not welded together, to both the maxillary (upper) bone and the mandibular (lower) bone. Beneath the gums is the dental root, which is the bottom of all teeth. This supports the tooth within the bone tissue with the help of collagen tissue fibers called the periodontal ligament. The upper part of the tooth, or crown, is what we see and what we should brush daily with a suitable toothpaste.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is performed by dentists who have specialized for two and a half years in orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics, that is, they are specialist dentists. That is why we say that it is a special dentistry or specialized in correcting crooked bites and teeth or those that are in a bad position. It is important that you are treated only by orthodontists certified by a prestigious university, you can find out that by asking your dentist to show you his specialist title.

Why is having crooked teeth bad?

For a moment imagine the precise mechanism of a key and a lock. If the teeth of the key do not match perfectly with those of the lock, the door simply does not open. In fact, you can damage and break the lock, the key or worse, both!

Well, just like that example, they must close or occlude your teeth in the same way.  In other words, it must be a perfect fit system. If not, you have a malocclusion or "crooked teeth."

Having a malocclusion not only affects how you look, and even if you don't notice it, it can also make it difficult for you to speak, swallow, bite, and can cause premature wear on your teeth. Added to that, having crooked teeth makes oral and dental hygiene difficult, which can cause severe damage to your gums, and cause bad breath.

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What does orthodontic treatment, braces or dental brackets consist of?

The treatment consists of making constant movements on your teeth until leaving them in a perfect position, providing surprising aesthetic and functional benefits, and since there is no age limit to feel good, we use brackets in children, adolescents, young adults and older adults.

Is it safe to use dental braces, dental brackets or orthodontics in Guatemala?  Does Dentis have specialists in orthodontics?

Completely, our professional team has been trained in the orthodontic program with the longest history in Guatemala, and we also guarantee that the best quality materials are used. The training of our human team has the necessary academic recognitions to guarantee your safety and satisfaction during and after your orthodontic treatment.

When can I take my child to an appointment for braces, dental braces or orthodontics?

If you are a patient over 12 years of age, you are at the perfect age to undergo an evaluation prior to using orthodontics. Today we use orthodontics in patients with children, adolescents, young adults and older adults, there is no age to smile without complexes.

What benefits do I get from treatment with braces, dental brackets or orthodontics?

The main benefits you will get with braces or braces are:

  • Aesthetics and self-esteem: remember that your teeth, your smile and your eyes are the most visible areas of your face.

  • Better hygiene since you will achieve greater ease when cleaning and brushing your teeth, thus avoiding the appearance of new caries lesions.

  • Protection of your teeth against premature and inadequate wear of your teeth due to being in a bad position.

If I have lost teeth, can I also wear braces, dental brackets or orthodontics?

Thanks to the professional and specialized team at Dentis and the innovative and modern techniques that we use, we can offer you an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to solving your problems.

For example, in the event that you have lost one or several teeth, we are able to offer you a combination of orthodontic treatment and treatment with dental prosthesis, since orthodontics will leave the necessary space by straightening the present teeth and then replace the absent ones with dental prostheses. aesthetic and functional.

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